Natural Photography
This is a set of photographs I've taken of nature for the Spring 2020. Images are all taken with my Olympus camera, uploaded and adjusted in Lightroom, and cropped in Photoshop.
Using Lightroom, I was able to adjust the images highlights, contrast, and saturation to bring out the details of my subjects. I then transferred the images to Photoshop and cropped the images so that the subject of my photos were further focused.
I wanted to embrace the yellow of these flowers but also the brown notes within the stigma as well as the spider. Using Lightroom, I balanced the contrast and darkened the background. With Photoshop, I was able to further blur the background to keep the focus of the flowers.
The vibrancy of this flower didn't need much manipulation, however I did a bit of shadow and black in Lightroom to make the green stems stand out and the background to darken. I then utilized Photoshop to patch the top right petal and stem.
For these flowers, I needed to adjust the light and color as well as contrast in Lightroom. I also removed some objects with Photoshop and then cropped the dimensions to focus on the subject.
For the magnolia buds, I did very little in Lightroom except develop vibrancy and shadows. I then brought the photos into Photoshop, isolated the subject and screened them so that I could blend out the background with brushes.

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